Friday, May 15, 2015

Vedic Tantric Puranic

Worship Method at Puri
  1. The Vedic part is the use of 'Om', at the initiation of the puja -mantra; 
  2. The Tantric part is the use of 
    1. 'Klim' for Jaga(nnath) - 
    2. 'Hrim' for Subha(dra), 
    3. 'Slim' for Bala(bhadra) after utterance of 'Om'. 
  3. The Puranic part is - 
    1. Krishna - Jagannath, 
    2. Basudev Balabhadra 
    3. Bhubaneswari  Subhadra. 
  4. Sudarshan is formless, Turiya (gap between two recitation of Om), He is considered as 'Jyotibrahma'.