Tuesday, January 19, 2016



About 12 kilometers from the little town of Hospet in Karnataka lie the extensive ruins at a place called Hampi.  Hampi falls into what is regarded as the Kishkindha area of the Ramayana.  Legend has it that Hanuman, Rama's devoted ally, was born here at Anjanadri hill.  This was also supposed to be the kingdom of Bali and Sugriva, hence, perhaps, the name of this region, Bellary.  Matanga rishi gur of sabari of the Ramayana was supposed to have had his ashram here, and there are ruins of a temple on  a hill that is called Matanga hill.  Then of course, there is Rishyamuka hill, the fort of Bali, Pravarshan hill and so forth, all around the river Tungabhadra, close to which exists a little pond which, in ancient days, could have been the Pampasar.  Hampi also contains the ruins of the Vijayanagara empire, together with traces of establishments of Jain monks. Within the complex of Hampi ruins is a temple. The unique feature of this temple   is that its walls and numerous pillars are all inscribed with scenes from the Ramayana.  These inscribed sculptures are in great detail even though, with age, they have become worn out.  We present in the pages that follow the story of Ramayana as depicted on the walls of this ancient temple at Hampi.